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Patients could enjoy longer lives thanks to new treatments

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma doesn’t come on fast, though it can be a force when it finally shows it’s head. Patients have long been low on options, but new breakthroughs are surfacing to give treatments a stronger boost.

You could be in for a rough road if you’re facing a mesothelioma diagnosis. The asbestos-related disease usually doesn’t leave much time after a diagnosis. But thanks to new developments, you may be able to stretch the window out a lot more.

Measuring success

Each individual case can have different expectations. Your outlook depends on the strength, progression and location of your illness. This means that some options may be better suited than others, though there’s a wealth of new paths in the works to give you a leg up.

Combining strengths

A new mixture of medications, the first approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 16 years, could extend survival rates by years. Chemotherapy has shown little individual impact, but when coupled with immunotherapy, things begin to look up.

The two drugs, Opdivo and Yervoy, have undergone three separate clinical trials with over 600 patients. Those monitoring the study saw the risk of death for patients drop by 26% when combing the drugs and chemotherapy, instead of chemotherapy alone.

Ongoing developments

But that far from concludes the research on the matter. Studies around the world are looking at state of the art combinations to combat mesothelioma once it’s discovered. Chemotherapy drugs, anti-inflammatories and even gene-therapy are being closely scrutinized in the search for answers.

While there is currently no cure, the efforts to manage the disease go on. You may have an answer in your future that could help you manage your diagnosis.


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