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Asbestos exposure is a slowly developing health crisis for many

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was found to resist heat and fire. Thus, it was popularly used through the 1940s to 1970s in, what seemed as if, nearly everything from furniture and wallpaper, clothes and makeup, construction materials and even children’s toys. Many companies and industries used it frivolously since it assured people’s safety. 

Today, however, the U.S. has regulations since asbestos is considered highly dangerous to one’s health. Asbestos breaks down into small, sharp particles that can infiltrate people’s lungs, damaging tissue and leaving scarring. As a result, people may develop respiratory issues and cancer.

Many people have been and will be exposed to lingering asbestos-based products and materials. Yet, asbestos, typically, doesn’t cause immediate health concerns. When will you know if asbestos exposure caused damage to your health? Here’s what you should know:

You may not know for several decades that you’re getting sick

Because many people renovate older homes lined with asbestos-based products, there’s a high chance of suffering from some kind of exposure. In small doses of exposure, asbestos may not create any concerning health anomalies. That doesn’t mean it’s safe to espouse oneself to asbestos without safety equipment like a mask, but a one-time exposure may not be fatal.

Someone would likely have to experience many years of asbestos exposure before there’s any sign that they’ve developed an illness. In other words, workers who are constantly exposed to asbestos are very likely to develop medical conditions. But, these workers may not know they were exposed, or if they do, may not notice symptoms until 20 or 30 years. 

Asbestos exposure can leave people with serious health conditions that will affect them in their later years. This can cause people to build up large sums of medical debt by undergoing treatments. Victims of asbestos exposure should understand their legal rights when seeking the compensation they deserve. 


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