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Unpaid mesothelioma caregivers and their financial struggles

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Mesothelioma

Victims of mesothelioma might face a caregiving crisis as the number of individuals who require assistance grows while the number of potential family caregivers decreases. Many guardians spend years caring for individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma without compensation, only to realize that there may be no one to care for them in the future.

According to, there are seven possible family caregivers for each adult in the United States. Unfortunately, that number might drop to four by 2030 due to the increasing number of baby boomers in their senior years.

There is a legal right to take time off

The cost of in-home care can be prohibitively expensive, and caregivers often do not earn a livable wage. Paid family leave policies can help ease the burden on caregivers. According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, employers must allow employees to take time off and care for a sick family member.

Paid time off is not required

Unfortunately, Minnesota does not require employers to provide paid time off. However, if a company offers paid time off to an injured worker, they must also provide paid time off for sick family members that require care.

Solutions to the caregiving crisis are desperately needed. Everyone has the potential to feel the effects of the shortage of family and paid caregivers, especially those who suffer from asbestos exposure. Employers need to provide support to caregivers of mesothelioma victims through paid time off and resources for finding aides. The caregiving crisis is not solvable overnight, but understanding the problems that mesothelioma victims and their caregivers face is a start.


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