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Tips for meeting the burden of proof in your mesothelioma claim

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Mesothelioma

Did you know that many celebrities have died from mesothelioma? In many of these deaths, the victim did not know how they became exposed to asbestos, a dangerous substance known to cause cancer.

Many stricken with this condition worry about filing a lawsuit because they also don’t know how they encountered asbestos. It is unwise to pass up a chance to improve your economic situation, especially when there are several ways to prove your case.

What evidence do you need?

You may have more access to evidence than you think. A good way to start is by collecting medical records associated with your illness. For example, X-rays, test results and physician statements often serve as proof of mesothelioma.

Here are two more ways to strengthen your documented evidence.

1. Review your employment history to find records that link your asbestos exposure to a specific job. For example, asbestos plagues those who work as pipefitters, aircraft mechanics and plumbers. Those with a work background in Minnesota iron ore mining may face unusually high mesothelioma risks.

Showing you were or still are employed in a high-risk job helps you connect your mesothelioma to a specific industry.

2. Once you have linked your mesothelioma to a job, your next step is determining what item, substance or circumstance exposed you to asbestos. For example, in the pipefitting industry, asbestos was commonly used to insulate pipes, potentially exposing multiple workers.

Demonstrating that your mesothelioma is linked to a specific item or situation in the work environment can add weight to your claim.

Legal guidance can also strengthen your mesothelioma claim by ensuring you explore all your compensation recovery options.


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