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At the Minnesota law firm of Sieben Polk P.A., most of our clients come to us because they know we understand asbestos and its effects on the human body. They are sometimes surprised to learn, though, that we also know how asbestos affects them as it relates to their specific occupation. In many cases, we even know how the asbestos has affected them based on the location where they worked.

Our firm has been representing clients injured by asbestos exposure since 1979. Since that time, we have gathered comprehensive evidence on asbestos exposure sites in Minnesota. Having this evidence can be critical to enabling you to have your case heard in a timely manner. Schedule an initial consultation with us to discuss your asbestos-related concerns: 651-304-6708.

How Can We Know So Much About Your Problem Without Knowing You Yet?

Our firm has built a reputation for our ability to efficiently and effectively handle asbestos-related cases. We have established ourselves as the go-to law firm for people injured by asbestos in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

In that time, we have already gathered and analyzed the evidence at many of Minnesota’s largest asbestos sites. These sites range across occupational lines to include, among others:

  • Pipe fitters — including but not limited to individuals who have worked on boilers and valves as pipe fitters
  • Insulators — individuals who were responsible for insulating pipes, buildings and equipment.
  • Navy — including individuals who worked in naval shipyards and maintained naval ships
  • Laboratory — including individuals exposed to asbestos while performing laboratory tests
  • Plastics molders — asbestos was used by those working with molding compounds in the 70s
  • Mechanics – auto and aircraft — individuals working on maintaining airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft were often exposed to asbestos in the course of their work
  • Railroads — individuals working in all capacities were exposed to asbestos, especially those responsible for maintaining or overhauling railroad cars and equipment

In fact, we are the only Minnesota law firm that has gathered this critical evidence from the 1970s. We regularly use this evidence to serve as the basis for clients’ claims against employers in these occupations. When we advise you to take a certain course of action, you will be able to rely on our guidance confidently.

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