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When it comes to mesothelioma and the law, the pre-eminent firm in Minnesota is Sieben Polk P.A. Since 1979, we have been representing the interests of injured workers, including auto and aircraft mechanics throughout the state, who have been exposed to asbestos and are now suffering from mesothelioma.

Why Choose Sieben Polk P.A.?

Although asbestos is no longer used, many auto and aircraft mechanics regularly worked with asbestos until the 1980s. Brakes, linings and wire insulation: These were only a few of the items containing asbestos that mechanics used regularly every day.

We can help you and your loved ones seek the compensation you need to address future needs and existing medical bills. Our firm already understands the issues involved in your case because we have been litigating asbestos cases for decades.

SIGNATURE CASE: Secured over $2 million for airline mechanic who had contracted mesothelioma as a result of on-the-job asbestos exposure. Plaintiff identified asbestos used within aircraft engines manufactured by several different defendants, as well as asbestos used within the airframe and standard airline maintenance materials. 2012.

During that time, we have become Minnesota’s premier mesothelioma law firm. Our lawyers hold the evidence gathered from the most significant asbestos sites in Minnesota.

In many situations, this evidence is simply not available to other law firms. For that reason, firms from around the country refer to us when they need to litigate their mesothelioma cases in Minnesota and throughout the Upper Midwest.

So why go to a firm from outside of Minnesota when you can start at the source now? Work with us here at Sieben Polk P.A. and know that we provide you with everything you need for your case right here at home.

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Let us help you understand your rights and how we can protect them for your benefit and that of your family. Call us to schedule a free initial appointment: 651-304-6708. You also reach us online.