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Plastics molders

At Sieben Polk P.A., we have been representing the needs of plastics molders and other workers affected by asbestos exposure since 1979. Representing clients throughout Minnesota and the entire Upper Midwest, we have helped clients suffering from asbestosis, mesothelioma and other diseases resulting from exposure at some of Minnesota’s largest asbestos sites.

SIGNATURE CASE: Pursuit settlement of over $2 million on behalf of plastics worker suffering from mesothelioma, who was exposed to asbestos from molding compounds in the 1970s. 2012.

Learn more about how we assist people suffering from mesothelioma due to their work or the work of a loved one as a plastics molder. Call us at 651-304-6708.

We May Already Know Many Of The Facts Of Your Case

How is it possible that we might already know the facts of your case? During our decades of work with victims of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma, we have gathered and analyzed evidence from many of Minnesota’s most significant asbestos sites, including those sites involving plastics and injection molding.

As a result, we hold much evidence from the 1970s, evidence that other firms simply do not have. Having the evidence needed to file your case enables us to bring a suit on your behalf substantially faster than other firms. For individuals who are critically ill, the ability to file cases quickly is critical to enabling them to have their day in court and maximize their recovery. For that reason, firms from throughout the country who have mesothelioma cases in Minnesota turn to us for our assistance.

Our experience also means that we know how the courts treat asbestos cases. Special rules may apply that do not apply in normal court cases. We know these pitfalls and how they can derail the unwary attorney. Our knowledge of this process means we can meet the accelerated deadlines often found in an asbestos case while still providing the high-quality legal service your case needs.

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