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At Sieben Polk P.A., we have fought for the victims of asbestos exposure since the 1940's. We began fighting long before "mesothelioma" became a well-known term and individuals knew they had a right to seek compensation. We were successful long before trust funds were created to protect victim's claims.

Asbestos reportedly discovered in children's toys by the CPSC

Exposure to asbestos is commonly linked to certain types of industries such as home interiors, shipping and automotive companies. Families in Minnesota may be shocked and appalled to hear about a report by the Environmental Working Group Action Fund that indicated traces of asbestos being found in children's playthings. The asbestos traces were discovered in crayons and fingerprint kits, which were crafted in another country and were then sold in the United States.

Worker believes he contracted cancer due to asbestos exposure

Although being exposed to asbestos is dangerous, it is particularly dangerous to those who engage in other activities such as smoking. These workers are particularly at risk when they are exposed to asbestos. If Minnesota workers are not informed about the dangers to which they are being exposed, the end result could lead to serious illness and possibly even death.

Man wins $6M for his asbestos-related product liability lawsuit

As of now, no cure exists for people who suffer from mesothelioma. The victims and their families will be forced to watch their loved ones grow weaker, and some may even die from the disease. The justice system can help victims in Minnesota and elsewhere fight back against companies who are believed to be negligent for not preventing asbestos exposure.

Corning Inc. asbestos claims may see closure after 2 decades

The process of bringing companies to justice who have been negligent can be long and arduous. As time goes on and the media hype has passed, the chain of events often fades from the public's mind, but Minnesota families who are suffering never forget the pain a negligent employer caused or lose the need for justice to be done. Fortunately, justice is coming ever closer for the families who were affected by the alleged negligent exposure to asbestos at Corning Inc.

Woman's estate awarded $3.5M for second-hand asbestos exposure

Many people think mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases are only capable of causing harm to the people who work in an industry where asbestos is present. However, other members of the family in Minnesota and elsewhere could also contract asbestos-related diseases due to second-hand exposure. Since it can take many years for these types of disease to begin manifesting symptoms in its victims, many affected individuals do not find out until it is too late.

Colgate-Palmolive blamed for a woman's asbestos exposure

Many consumers are under the assumption that the products they use each day are safe. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case, as one consumer sadly realized. Past users of Colgate-Palmolive talc products in Minnesota and across the United States may be shocked to hear the revelation that one of the company's popular products from the past allegedly contained asbestos.

What types of illness are related to asbestos exposure?

Every year, many people find out too late that a previous exposure to asbestos could be the cause for the illnesses they face. Many in Minnesota and across the country are left to watch their family members suffer from different illnesses that are related to asbestos exposure in the workplace. Sometimes, the family can also be affected by secondhand exposure as well. In most cases, the conditions do not manifest for many years and could even be fatal. The following are some of the most common illnesses that are related to asbestos.

Can people exposed to asbestos sue before they become ill?

In most instances of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases, the cases are only brought to court once the person who was allegedly exposed is diagnosed. Affected Minnesota workers and their families are left to suffer through the disease due to signs of the illness only appearing much later. A large scale lawsuit in another state may impact the precedent for asbestos related cases if the claims are substantiated.

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