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Asbestos exposure Archives

Asbestos exposure back-to-school danger for many in Minnesota

It's the time of year in Minnesota and throughout the nation when many parents are helping their children gather supplies and prepare for a new school year. Many have already resumed classes and are fully engaged in new and exciting academic adventures. Many children attend schools in buildings that are aging and in need of repair, however. This may pose a high asbestos exposure risk of which many parents are unaware.

Asbestos exposure central focus of hearings in another state

When it comes to asbestos removal, there are strict safety regulations set in place to minimize potential risks associated with possible exposure. It's illegal to remove asbestos from a building without adhering to existing protocol. However, just because there is a law prohibiting certain behaviors and requiring others, doesn't mean everyone in Minnesota will follow it. In fact, there's an ongoing situation in another state where building developers are accused of placing workers at risk for asbestos exposure after having them remove flooring containing the dangerous material. 

One firm left to go in asbestos exposure litigation

Most Minnesota readers understand that construction work is dangerous. There are usually many safety regulations and strict procedures in place to help keep workers as safe as possible. For instance, if a building is scheduled to be torn down, there's a certain way to go about it to decrease the risk of injuries among workers or bystanders. Recent litigation involved more than one party being sued regarding asbestos exposure when a building in another state was razed.

Airport employees very worried about asbestos exposure

Evidence suggests that repeated ingestion or breathing of asbestos particles can cause permanent lung damage, as well as an increased risk for other respiratory illnesses. Perhaps some of the airport workers in another state who are concerned about their own health and safety are aware of such facts, perhaps not. Either way, they have told their employers and reporters that they believe they have reason to worry about asbestos exposure in relation to a construction project that occurred at their workplace. Minnesota workers whose jobs put them in close vicinity to construction work may want to pay close attention to the situation.

Jobs that place Minnesota residents at risk for asbestos exposure

Some jobs in Minnesota are obviously more dangerous than others. However, not all dangers associated with work are immediately apparent. For instance, many types of work are associated with asbestos exposure, which often leads to illness, even death. Proving that an injury or illness was actually caused by exposure to asbestos can be difficult since diagnosis of disease may come years after initial exposure.

How do I track down the source of my exposure to asbestos?

One of the most frustrating elements of asbestos exposure is that evidence of that exposure may not be visible for decades. This means that if and when a person is diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, it can be incredibly difficult to determine where and when the person was exposed. 

Why are younger people still dying from asbestos exposure?

For many reasons, victims of asbestos-related illnesses are often older workers who may already be retired. This is due to the fact that asbestos is not used as widely as it was decades ago, and it can take as long as 50 years to develop symptoms of the illnesses. 

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