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Dozens of defendants named in lawsuit related to asbestos

The longer a worker is exposed to asbestos, the greater the risk of negative effects to his or her health. Many Minnesota employees who were exposed to asbestos were not informed of the impending health risks. Now, years later, the signs are manifesting and causing the former employees to suffer a variety of ailments, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. The suffering victims have every right to pursue legal action against their employers if they were not informed of all of the possible hazards of their former occupations.

Numerous defendants are accused of causing a man's lung cancer

Many years after exposure, those who were working with or breathed in asbestos can now be suffering the effects. Victims in Minnesota and across the United States can develop lung cancer years after they have quit working for an employer. Workers who now suffer the effects of the asbestos exposure may choose to pursue legal action to seek financial accountability from their former employer under the law. On Sept. 10, we posted a report concerning a man who contracted mesothelioma while working as a deckhand. Now another seaman has filed another claim along similar grounds.

7 plaintiffs file an asbestos claims against dozens of companies

Over the years, many people have been exposed to asbestos without knowing it. Unfortunately, the symptoms of any related illnesses may not manifest until many years later. Some businesses in Minnesota and across the United States knowingly exposed people to asbestos, which caused them to contract lung cancer years later. Those that have contracted an illness because of negligence of another party may choose to seek financial accountability from those deemed responsible.

Man contracts mesothelioma 46 years after exposure and wins $7M

Most people go to work each day with the belief that they will be safe and protected by the policies and protocols in place by their employers. Unfortunately, employees in Minnesota and across the United States were unknowingly exposed to asbestos in the workplace for many years. In some cases, this exposure could lead to a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma, which may only manifest itself years after the exposure. This leaves the victims to suffer and be burdened with excessive medical bills. They do, however, have the right to seek legal relief through our civil court system.  

A woman claims asbestos was the reason for her husband's death

Much of the information that we know about asbestos and its dangers is more readily available now with access to the Internet. Years ago, it was not as widely available, but regardless, it was an employer's responsibility to notify workers of the hazards of asbestos and proper safety protocol. Sadly, many employees were not warned, and now families in Minnesota and across the United States have loved ones who were unnecessarily exposed and are now suffering from lung cancer or related diseases.

Man claims he contracted mesothelioma working as a deckhand

When most employees go to work, they are not thinking about whether the work they are doing could be hazardous to their health. People go to work assuming that they will be safe and that the employer has put all the appropriate safety precautions in place. Over the years, many companies in Minnesota and across the United States were not cautious when allowing employees to be working with asbestos, which caused many workers to develop mesothelioma.

Were cement pipes the cause of a woman's mesothelioma?

When choosing a neighborhood to live in, many people tend to pick a location that they deem to be safe. Many Minnesota families may look out for their family's well-being, but some dangers may be hidden. Without knowing it, many people can be exposed to the harmful effects of mesothelioma but not manifest any of the symptoms until years later. Victims who are suffering from this serious illness may wish to hold the parties deemed responsible accountable for their actions.

Contraction of mesothelioma could lead to lawsuits in Minnesota

As many Minnesota residents know, exposure to asbestos can be incredibly harmful. Though the effects of exposure may not show themselves right away, continued contact with the substance can lead to serious medical diseases, including mesothelioma. If a person contracts such an illness due to being exposed to asbestos, they may wish to file a claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for the exposure.

Minnesota workers may be exposed to asbestos in building cleanup

The demolition of older buildings is not always as simple as the destruction and removal of materials. Buildings that are over a certain age may be more likely to contain asbestos, which can cause serious health complications over long-term exposure. Specific practices must be employed to ensure the safe removal of any asbestos-containing materials. The cleanup of an old Minnesota education center could expose employees to asbestos particles if the process is not handled safely.

Family members win case in mesothelioma deaths

Being diagnosed with or losing a loved one to cancer can be a very difficult situation for many Minnesota residents. If cancer, such as mesothelioma, was a result of exposure to asbestos particles, those surviving family members may feel that certain parties should be held liable for the death of their loved one. In such a situation, individuals may wish to file a claim against companies or other potentially liable parties in order to seek compensation.

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